Accounting Software

Statistics and Reports

Enjoy reports and colored graphics of all data such as Profit & Loss, Expenses and Balance Sheets.

Invoice Generator

Create and design your Invoices, even add your own logo.

Access to your Accountant

Invite your accountant for specific access to your financial information and enjoy documented correspondence together.

Customizable Dashboard

See how your business is doing in real-time on your dashboard.

Manage Employees

Grant specific access to team members so you can all work together.

Second Opinion of Finances

Grant partial access to a third party of your choosing.

Access from any web browser
Access from any web browser

Easily create, store and send invoices from any device.

Automatic Backups

You don't need anything saved on your personal computer and no backups to waste time on.

Institution Payments

Keep track of payments to institutions.

Free online invoice generator
  • No need to travel for business meetings- all invoices and documents are sent automatic!
  • No need to chase your customers- automatic reminders for payments are sent regularly!
  • No need to worry for backups and loads of paperwork- all data is stored on the cloud, including constant backups!
  • No need for complicated calculations - an up to date dashboard of your financials is always available!
  • Using our invoice generator, you can format any invoice. You can add a logo to your company or business, add customer details, add as many items as you want, like products with fixed prices and services.
  • The clean and easy-to-use invoice generator interface also allows you to add new customers and manage them easily. You can save contact information, memberships and payments, and custom invoice templates for two-way bookkeeping.
  • With this invoice generator, you can create great PDF invoices from scratch in your web browser and send them to customers in seconds - saving both you and your customers time.
  • Our control panel shows you at a glance the current income and expenses, amounts due and reports. Manage your business quickly and easily with Hilix accounting software.
Accounting is a process that takes care of everything valuable in your company whether material resources or assets such as office equipment, vehicles, stocks, hardware and software. Accounting is no longer manual. Our time has brought new technologies that improve efficiency, speed up the process and make it easier for accountants and companies. We have created a solution for you:
  • Minimize errors: Catch errors immediately by checking digital documents quick and easy, avoid calculation errors.
  • Simplified accounting: Accounting software provides a reliable source of information for tax preparation or audit, reports by day, month, year, monthly / annual income / expense report.
  • Reduced monthly costs: Save time and money by using available, free, fully functional products.
  • Security: Confidential information, personal data and accounting records are stored on secure software.

What's so special about Hilix?

There are countless software on the market that perform accounting and invoice printing. Some work in the cloud, while others are installed on the computer in the office or at home. The advantage of Hilix over all other software is that it is shared by the client and the accountant!

You have the option to keep all invoices and expenses in your account and share them with your accountant. You can also send invoices as a file with other software. But to send the costs, you have to get in the car and physically drive to the accountant, or alternatively send him the material by courier. This wastes valuable time and financial costs. Hilix solves this problem. With an application that allows you to capture costs and with the help of artificial intelligence to expand it to the last detail, adjust it according to the correct provider and enter it as a calculated cost in the system.

The other benefit you get here is that you have all the information of your accountant. Since he manages your entire Hilix account, you no longer need to call him and ask him questions like, "What have my earnings been over the last three months," "How much money have I paid for Social Security since the beginning of the year?" "All you have to do is go to Hilix and get a report and in seconds you'll know everything you need.

Clients asked us what would happen if I wanted to switch to another accountant? What about all my data? The very simple decision you need to make is to send access to a new accountant and the transition is done automatically.

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