OCR - electronic archive for scanned documents

At the very beginning of creating a document archive, whether digital or electronic, every computer manager will need OCR software. Working with scanned documents is one of the first steps to building an archive that will manage the company's documents without fail and efficiently.


What is OCR?

Optical character recognition or OCR for short, is a translation program that converts scanned documents composed of text characters and symbols into files that can be edited.

Optically reading these signs and symbols is a process that saves a lot of time in entering information into the computer. Businesses that don't use OCR programs have to spend hours of valuable time and energy manually creating documents that can then be edited.

The definition of high-quality software can be given to one that has a high recognition rate and the ability to work with different types of fonts, including handwriting.

Depending on the quality of the computer system is the speed of recognition, but in most cases programs can correctly read thousands of words per minute. After successful scanning of the given document and correction of errors, a ready source text is reached.


What iocrs the work that the software does?

1. The software is tasked with aligning the text and guarantees that even when scanning at an angle that is not right, the lines will be horizontal. This results in easy reading of the letters.

2. It cleans the document. If there are stains, dirt and other similar factors preventing the clean text, the program performs a cleaning operation. Also, any character or symbol that is not a letter is deleted by the software during identification.

3. Dividing the lines in order to facilitate recognition of the words in the text is also a task of the program.

4. Its handling of different fonts is one of its most successful functionalities. After scanning the document, the software searches for a font that is closest to the one in the original version of the text. The identification of the letters is carried out through characteristics unique to each letter. The words are compared to words existing in the software's dictionary. If one of them is not available there, it replaces letters or looks for another word close to it.

5. The software also takes care of the graphic features of the scanned document. No need to worry about the photos as they are transferred successfully. After scanning, it can also detect errors in the text itself. Checks whether the words are logically connected in a sentence. It also checks for repeated words and whether they are in the same context.


How to work with it?

For the successful launch of "paperless accounting", you will be able to perform the document scanning process yourself. This will benefit you as you will save money from hiring an outside company to perform this service. For this purpose, the purchase of a scanner is necessary, and it is recommended that it be professional and fast, so that it can also scan old documents to be successfully entered into the computer archive environment. You need to sort and organize the documents you want to scan. You will also need software to store and manage this information. Before choosing a program, it is very important to determine the needs and capabilities of your organization.

Scanned documents can only be successfully handled by software that specializes in optical character recognition. The developers of such programs work only with advanced technologies.

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