The advantages of an electronic invoice over a paper one

Accounting is an indispensable element in the management process of any company, regardless of its size and turnover. Business owners can choose between two options for managing their bookkeeping — using the services of an external accounting firm or hiring employees to handle the paperwork in-house.


Electronic invoice
A main structural component in the construction of electronic invoicing is the electronic invoice. It is completely equivalent to the classic paper invoice and is a globally recognized accounting document.
The electronic invoice is an electronic file, which in terms of appearance, content, details and validity does not differ from the paper invoice.

Issuing, storing and sending electronic invoices instead of paper ones has many great advantages:
1. Sent invoices are instantly received in the e-mails of customers.
2. The costs of sending the invoices by post with ordinary physical mail are eliminated.
3. No need to maintain tons of paper invoices.
4. There is no need to arrange and store in folders, cabinets and warehouses.
5. The risk of losing or damaging invoices is eliminated.
6. Saving money on paper and ink for printing invoices.
7. Time is saved from sifting through piles of paper to find an invoice, as the necessary documents can be found instantly through the filters and search engine of the electronic invoicing system.
8. By using the system for issuing electronic invoices, you help protect a clean environment and preserve the lungs of the planet - the forests.


Electronic invoicing
Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) is the accounting of a business's documentation in an electronic format. The exchange of data and information is automated.

The advantages provided by this type of accounting are:
1. The company owner can determine which employees have access to the company's information.
2. The owner and his authorized employees have access to all company information at any time and from anywhere in the world. This means that invoices can be issued and sent whenever the owner or customer wants.
3. With the use of electronic invoicing, the possibility of technical errors in entering, calculating or transferring information is minimized.
4. Completion of the reporting period becomes easy and fast.
5. The exact information you need is retrieved automatically, saving valuable time.


accounting software


Accounting Software
It is software designed to simplify and facilitate accountants in performing accounting tasks for a given company.


Purposes of accounting software
The main purposes that we can find in this type of computer program are:
 - accounting of all accounting positions of the company;
 - control over wages and taxes;
 - accounting analysis with current data;
 - economic and financial analysis;
 - generating reports and conclusions based on the collected data;


Advantages of accounting software
By using accounting software, the company's own will be able to save office space and valuable time that would be used to arrange multiple paper invoices. All documents can be sorted together in a safe and secure place. The owner has access to all company information at any time.

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