Accounting software is an indispensable element of a company's electronic invoicing in the modern world. It collects three main important factors for success in any business - speed, convenience, functionality. It facilitates all parts of the work and removes the complexities from the business. Using various modules supporting all vital areas of organization in a company, the software helps control finances, reduce operating costs and simplify operations related to supply, production and operations. With the help of accounting software, a number of actions such as review of accounting documents, transactions, income and expenses, payments and liabilities are performed with ease.

Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) is made up of various methods of introducing the company's accounting in electronic form. This term is used generically to give a description of each way invoice is provided electronically to customers.

The methods of this process are used to process and generate documents. Compliance with the terms of the agreement between the trading partners - suppliers and their customers related to trade between them is guaranteed. The main incorporation documents relate to terms and instructions for debit and credit payments.
At the heart of electronic invoicing and accounting software lies the electronic invoice. It can be defined as a document structured by placing data in one place, issued in an electronic format for exchange using Internet-connected platforms. The processing of the documents can be done in different ways. They can be send via email addresses or uploaded via web sites or apps. 
The software is used to consolidate data from paper documents and enter them at the electronic invoicing system. The process of providing the information in the documents is automated, while at the same time having a positive impact on the efforts and building better sustainability. Nowadays, many companies employed an accounting software vendor to integrate and support their e-invoicing and save the data on safe servers.

Using accounting software, suppliers can provide their customers with invoices in a web application. It is possible to submit individual invoices online, as well as uploading files in a variety of formats. A history of all documents is available at any time and from any location, without the need for direct access to either party's systems. This is possible because all information is stored securely in the data centers of the provider that provides the invoicing web application.

Accounting software makes it possible to reduce the costs of the company, because through electronic invoices, the use of paper, stamps and others is stopped.
It is not necessary to occupy a special storage room where all the documents are stored, which saves a lot of office space.
Working with e-invoices also saves valuable time for the company. Creating electronic documents is extremely fast, and sending them to the recipient is just a few clicks away. It also saves time for recipients as files arrive at them within seconds.

Electronic invoicing programs have become an integral part of the exchange of trade-related data between trading partners. Based on multiple useful functions, these programs aim to serve both the supplier and the customer.

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