Basic criteria for selecting accounting software

Basic criteria for selecting accounting software

The choice of an appropriate accounting program is a key moment in the overall organization of the accounting services of a company. The accounting profession needs to improve the quality of the accounting product and increase the productivity of the company. This can be achieved through appropriate and functional accounting programs that prove the organization and increase the qualification of the working day. You need to know what you want for your business. This means that you have to have a clear idea of ​​the organization financial reporting. This way you will know which features of the accounting software you will need. You should be familiar with important technical requirements of the program.

In this article we will briefly present what you need to consider when choosing an accounting program for your company:

- Standard or web based accounting software
The web-based version can be used by any computer connected to the Internet. This means that you do not need to install certain software. Standard software is preferred by companies that want to have control over all their information. Also, access does not depend on the Internet.

- Interface
It must be simple and easy to work in order to save time for the accountant in unnecessary flying from the menu.

- Work and practice guidance
Тhe initial training, which is offered by most software companies, is an advantage. It is also good for every accountant to be able to take care of a suitable and well-synthesized work guide.

- Ability to set different access rights in the system
In this way, each employee will have access only to the information for which he is responsible.

- Modules
Accounting programs must be developed on modules. In this way, each company will be able to choose only the modules that are really needed and the product becomes cheaper, because you do not pay for something that is not used.

- The accounting program must be flexible and adaptive
Accounting is subject to constant changes in tax and accounting. Accountants need to be able to reflect these changes in accounting operations easily and quickly.

- Database protection
Accounting programs provide system recovery and protection of data stored on a secure server.

- Special solutions for accounting firms
In the case where the accounting software will be used by an accounting firm, consideration must be given to whether an unlimited number of companies can be processed. The accounting software must cover the specific needs and requirements for it. For example, start processing a new company at any time.

- Compatibility with other software products
It is especially important that the program can work with files in different formats and from other programs. This will save time and you will not have to enter the same data several times.

And now we will look at important parameters and functionalities of the program:
- unlimited possibility to edit the accounting operations;
- creating templates for frequently used accounting transactions;
- verification of the financial result already during the compilation of the accounting operations;
- transfer of already created nomenclatures when creating a new company;
- access to information from past periods and its correction;
- automatic archiving of the database;
- automatic transfer of the accounting information in the next reporting period and annual closing;
- preparation of inquiries and reports on individual requirements of the user;
- different options for outputting the information;
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